Harald Haentsch

My objective is a career, related to technical specialized IT administration and integration, I also love interior design and at one point I wanted to pursue that career since I used to like decorating my house with glow in the dark stones but I think now is time to move on.

With the age of 8 I got my first experience with using IT and started programming. Since that time I grew with a deep technical and especially IT based understanding and interest. The experience of work in a enterprise of my family in the turmoil of the political changes in the early 90’s in Eastern Germany shaped my strong responsible work style.

Currently I’m working in a contract research organization focused on the discovery and pre-clinical development of novel therapeutics, specializing in advanced applications of RNA interference (RNAi) gene silencing combined with high content phenotyping in cultured cells in vitro and in animals in vivo.

Curently working with:

Server with mainly Linux (CentOS, SLES 10), VMware ESX, NetAPP FAS3020c, Checkpoint UTM R70,
EMC Networker, Kerio Mailserver, Postfix, OpenLDAP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Nagios, Apache, Samba, Trendmicro WebSecurity, Desktops: Apple Mac OS X, Windows XP

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